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Gabriele Roberti and Andrea Siviero.

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Watch now. Retailers are now offering their customers real-time anytime contextual experiences whether they are online or offline everywhere. Leading brands are engaging with consumers and discovering what products and services they might need or like. In this short webcast we discuss 'what makes technology buyers trusting and loyal to tech vendors'?

IDC surveyed senior-level technology buyers in medium and large enterprises to find out how tech vendors can improve their sales and marketing processes. The answers are both surprising and shocking, making this webinar a must-see for tech vendor sales and marketing professionals alike. We also suggest pragmatic actions that tech vendors can take to increase sales conversions and reduce customer churn. The manufacturing industry is changing faster than ever, with digital transformation DX underway at most manufacturers, and this is set to continue as organizations begin to feel the benefits that come with it.

In the past, manufacturers have been focused on productivity improvements how to achieve more with less , but that is no longer the best measure of success. While efficiency gains are an important objective, forward thinkers are resetting their focus on innovation, the transformation of entire business models, and moving into adjacent markets. This Web conference will offer a comprehensive analysis across the industry, including the impact on printer hardware, materials, service providers, and much more.

Alex Stratis and Carla La Croce. Carla la Croce and Alex Stratis investigate diversity and inclusion is skills sourcing. Angela Vacca, Giulia Carosella. The European vertical market digital scenario is more vibrant than ever, — with some industries that are on the edge of technological change, and others that are rapidly catching-up and showing interesting pockets of growth.

Our webinar will help you improve your vertical go-to-market strategy and tactical planning, — highlighting what is under the spotlight for European industries, learning about real-life examples, and charting out a successful vertical digital roadmap for Cushing Anderson and Martin Sundblad. Marianne Kolding and Marc Dowd.

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IDC sees advancement in terms of digital transformation maturity for European retailers. Customer experience personalization is the trigger, and the commerce platform is an essential enabler, of retail innovation. In order to explore this broad and complex reality of European retail, in this IDC FutureScape presentation, the IDC European Retail team discusses the key predictions that will impact line-of-business executives and IT professionals in the European region over the next one to five years.

Andrea Siviero, Marta Munoz. We are experiencing a dichotomy scenario across European IoT adopters: while we are starting to see a few advanced IoT users leveraging IoT technologies in full swing, there are still a large portion of users struggling to prove and replicate initial pilots and proof of concepts. Join us for this complimentary webcast to better understand the pulse of the European IoT community, hear about interesting European successful case stories and discover those trends and topics, such as Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence, that will characterize the IoT landscape evolution in James Eibisch, Mike Cansfield.

The pace of change in the telecoms industry continues to accelerate. Telcos find themselves up against new forms of competition as the underlying infrastructure is virtualised and cloudified. And they need to transform their operations and processes to adapt to the digital environment. Join us for this complimentary webcast to understand what telcos in Europe will face in and how they should respond. Jennifer Thomson, George Mironescu. CIOs and IT organizations across Europe are challenged to support business units with modernization initiatives as they respond to persistent challenges and opportunities in the digital era.

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The ability to accelerate transformation of application estates will be one of the most critical business objectives for organizations in the next half decade. While change is hard, enterprises in Europe realize that futureproofing application development and deployment capabilities demands willpower, strategic investment and cultural adjustments. The next phase of enterprise transformation requires organizations to modernize existing applications without undermining current functionality while building new applications that are cloud native. As part of this process, companies must adopt modern development and deployment practices that accelerate application delivery, address the challenges of talent shortage and developer re-skilling, and understand the rising role and options for AI.

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  4. Neil Ward-Dutton and Andrea Minonne. Digital transformation is a key strategy for every company of size across Europe, as organizations look to remain relevant and competitive in the age of digital business. IDC finds that AI is a key enabler of that transformation, allowing businesses to reimagine processes, services and value propositions to customers. Yet while the focus on customers is as strong as ever but as experience matures, European companies are increasingly looking to AI to drive internal process improvement as well as improve customer experience.

    Lars Goransson and Tony Olvet.

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    IDC Canada's Lars Goransson and Tony Olvet present our key technology predictions for Canada that will impact every enterprise's ability to grow and compete over the next months. I said I was the hostess of the private party. Their response and I quote, "Get to the back of the line outside.

    Others had to argue their way in. While one event person did go outside once to the line it was not helpful. I would suggest you get a better system for parties to be able to enter before patrons for general admission. Nothing that could be helped, but not a real fun evening 5 5 Way way too much food for 35 people. Some of my group was a little disturbed at the waste. I believe an ample buffet could have been served with less food and possibly less cost. If something ran out, staff could have gone back to the kitchen to get some more.

    Food was delicious - group really liked the food. We've brought groups there in the past. Since the number in my party changed, it would be better if we just ordered from the menu. There was way too much food that went to waste.

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    Reid Party 49 Anonymous I was told there would we some western themed centerpiece on the table when I asked if I should get them. I don't consider two undersized votives thrown on the table willy nilly a centerpiece. Charged for drinks when they weren't supposed to. We were supposed to have tea and coffee had to ask for tea halfway through dinner and no coffee was served.

    Not set up when we arrived food was supposed to be left out for two hours it was but all the plates and silverware were put away. It has a very fun atmosphere and we really enjoyed the music. The line dance instructors could have been a little more friendly toward the crowd that would have really brought the excitement and fun up a notch! Did research on the internet. We have never been to Nashville came for our son's wedding. Great atmosphere, great area, great food, beautiful party room.

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    BEMA 70 Anonymous The foosball table needs some TLC. The decor with the horses at the tables was a little tacky and the music was a little loud for mingling, but we had a great time regardless and really enjoyed the 5 5 The food was better than I expected for that type of event. The kale salad and vegetables were particularly good. I'm not sure - the old Executive assistant set this up Medalogix 90 Anonymous Penn State Women's Lacrosse Anonymous Those that were really enjoyed themselves.

    Webinar: Software Sourcing Best Practices - Commercial Deals to Drive Business Outcomes

    We had a couple special requests that were well met, however a couple guests decided to forgo their request and choose from the buffet. My company scheduled thus dinner Definitely a place I would recommend. Center for Education and Adventure Anonymous The event was really fun and well organized. Extra Space Storage Food was delicious, but more than 3 flavors of moonshine would be even more amazing when doing a tasting. Of course with all the current construction it was a bit noisy. Our servers were great and we are thankful for the event.

    Due to renovations, monitors were not available and neither were pool tables. Tech team was able to round up a projector for us to use.

    The Pulse of Outsourcing 2H 2017: IDC's Semiannual Look at Rolling 4-Quarter Dea

    Pepsico Anonymous Manager came around to check with me on how we were doing. Travelink Anonymous All enjoyed! Repeat client. Like the new look. International Parking Institute Anonymous Turner MRS Anonymous Our server, however, was kind and welcoming. I was given no options in the planning process - we certainly would have preferred to sit elsewhere. We had several items to discuss at dinner and were unprepared in understanding that conversation would be impossible. Dawn Melikant Anonymous From Opryland Hotel I was great that guests were welcomed at the door by staff.

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