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Using the same process as described in the first step create a new rectangle. This time fill it with White color and place it below the Brown Header. Place this layer below the brown rectangle. Activate Type Tool T and write a "X". In this case I have used Effra Bold Italic.


Play around with Path Tool P and delete anchor points from the "X" until you get an arrow shape. Shift it slightly to the left. Use Type Tool T to add header text. Fill the thin type with Dark Brown and bold type with White.

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Create a New Ellipse U. Fill it with Brown. Add a Drop Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to 60 , Distance to 7 and Size to Create another Ellipse.

Make it slightly smaller and place it inside the brown area. Fill Stroke with White and set Weight to 1 pt. Make the stroke dashed. Again create a new Ellipse. Fill it with white to black gradient. Place it above the brown ellipse accordingly to the picture show below and convert it to Clipping Mask. Set Blending Mode to Overlay and Opacity to In this case I used Effra Bold font.

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Play around with font sizes and other preferences to make the result look aesthetic. Using the same method type in "Sale". Fill text with Orange color and set Capitalization to Small Caps. Use Line Tool U to create orange separators next to the "Sale" text.

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Set line Weight to 5 pt. Create a new text and type "Voucher". Use Lexia Bold Italic font and fill text with Yellow. Adjust Character Tracking to Add Inner Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to , Distance to 1 and Size to 1. Next add a Pattern Overlay. Load the "stripe-pattern" from assets.

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Set Blend Mode to Vivid Light. Add new text "Present".

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Fill it with Brown and apply the same Inner Shadow Effect from previous text. Use Type Tool T to add some dummy text or whatever desired text. Fill it with White color and add a Drop Shadow Effect. Set Opacity to 30 , Distance to 3 and Size to 8. Follow the same techniques to add bottom text. Combine white and yellow colors to match the voucher style.

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Since they are vibrant colors they make the text legible. Import the vector icons from the assets. Repeat the last step where you needed to rasterize the layer and then go to Texturizer. Then take the Custom Shape tool and draw a circle, either a regular circle or with some sharp edges. Repeat the texturizer steps. Then go to Layer — Layer Style — Stroke and add a size 2 inside stroke to your smaller shape. If its a simple picture, then just move it to one side of your coupon leaving enough space for some text.

If your product comes with its own background then it would be best if you use the blend mode to lose the background.

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    How to Design a Gift Voucher - Photoshop Tutorial
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