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One of the unique features is their Chase QuickPay SM , which allows you to quickly and easily send money it just about anyone. They are constantly working to improve their app, and the even made it compatible with an Apple Watch app, checking your bank account could be as easy as looking at your wrist. Not only is their app on the cutting edge of technology, but they also offer plenty of online and mobile tools to help you keep your finances in tip-top shape. You can sign up for several different alerts that can be sent to your phone.

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You can have a low balance alert, an account overdrawn alert, an account summary, or even a transaction alert which will send you a notification if a transaction is made over a determined limit. These are only a few of the different alter types that you can have sent to your phone. These alerts will not only help you keep track of your money, but will also protect against fraud or stolen debit card. You can get your account information sent to you via text! Easy as that! You can get your balance of any account sent to you through text. All you have to do is include the nickname of the account you want the balance on.

You can also use the Chase App to remotely deposit check. Simply log in to your Chase Bank app, select the Mobile Deposit feature, take a picture of the front of your check, sign the back, then take a picture of the back of the check. Chase Bank offers a full suite of business banking services, including the Chase Bank business checking and savings accounts , business credit cards , payment processing services, payroll, and other features for the small business owner.

Need more detailed banking information for opening a business checking out?

One of the most interesting advantages to Chase is their customer service. Sure, you can contact customer service through traditional methods like phone or email, but you can also talk to a representative through Twitter. The Chase Twitter account can answer just about any question you have, but they usually do it in a professional and efficient way. Each representative initials tweets just in case you ever need to follow up on the information.

Because of all its benefits and advantages, it might sound like Chase is the perfect bank for everyone. But it does have some shortcomings. The mobile deposit limit may also be too low for some people, though you can usually contact customer service to learn more about their remote deposit limits. Overall, Chase is an excellent banking option if you are looking for a full-service bank with a lot of features, excellent peripheral products, such as credit cards, loans, investment products, and other services.

Using these Chase coupons can give you some free money for doing something that you would do anyway, open up a checking and savings account. Best savings account interest rates: Here is a list of current interest rates if you are looking for the best interest rates. Visit any of the banks below for more information.

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This is the best deal going! Can you get both bonuses if you open the accounts at different times, or do you have to open both accounts at the same time? I want to make sure I can get both. I would try to open both Chase accounts at the same time to guarantee you get both bonuses. But personally, I try to remove all doubt and do everything at once. Best of luck! I just used one of the available promo code to open a new account with Chase yesterday. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Can you circumvent the direct deposit by another method, such as a minimum balance? As for direct deposit, you will need to read the terms on your account. The bonus I signed up for did not require a direct deposit, but they sometimes do.

    Chase College Checking Bonus: $100 Sign-Up Student Offer

    It all depends on the offer at the time you sign up. The good news is it is clearly stated on the paperwork when you sign up. I just opened a new checking account in september, can I use on of this codes or other bonuses? I think a lot of the time people are required to have their wages direct deposited into that bank…required at least 2 a month. You may be able to do it from a business account or other outside account. This is where reading the fine print is important. I got the Freedom card too and love it. So much better than discover as VISA can be used anywhere.

    Hello Jess, yes, you can use this offer for a joint account. Or, you could open two individual accounts and each get the bonus. Either way works, so long as you meet the criteria to open the account and earn the bonus. Hi, I tried using all the codes you gave, but since I am an existing Chase customer, none of them work! I came into the Chase branch with NEW money to open accounts, and I could not get a single bonus you mentioned. I would appreciate your help on this. Hannah, most of these offers only work for new customers. There is often an exclusion stating a time frame one must have not been a customer.

    For example, not within the last 12 months, or not within the last 18 months.

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    • Chase College $100 Checking Bonus – Student Checking Account?
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    • I always recommend reading the full terms and conditions before applying, so you know if you qualify, and what to expect. I opened saving checking at chase with sign up bonus and I want to open the same for my wife, can I add her name to my account as well at the same time I open the accounts or will that mess with the sign up bonus?

      Avi, I would open separate accounts before adding your wife to your account if you both want to receive the sign up bonus. I took advantage of this same type of offer a year or so ago and received a savings account bonus. The offer stated you had to do direct deposit, but I just opened the account with a much larger minimum balance than what was required. This offer, to me, is a little confusing as far as the requirements. Does this just apply to insure no monthly service charges will be charged or does keeping a much larger daily balance negate the requirement of direct deposit?

      Karen, banks usually require direct deposit to meet sign up bonus requirements as a way to know you will actually use the account. Chase Bank changes these offers up frequently. Sometimes there will be multiple promotions on the same accounts, so always go with the higher one if you can meet the balance requirements!

      Chase Alternatives

      We maintain a list of the best bank promotions for a checking and a savings account. For each offer, you can open an account online or you can request a Chase coupon via email and bring it to your local branch to open an account. Once you meet the requirements, the bonus will be deposited within 10 business days. The bonus will be reported as interest. Learn more about Chase Total Business Checking.

      College Checking Account

      You must get the coupon via email and bring it to a Chase branch. You need to be a new Chase checking customer and have your direct deposit made to the account within 60 days of opening the account. You'll get the bonus within 10 days. You need to keep the account open for at least six months or they will deduct the bonus. Learn more about Chase Premier Plus.

      This account has a bunch of other perks too — like no-fee Chase design checks, no Chase fee on the first 4 non-Chase ATM transactions each statement period, no annual rent for a small safe deposit box, and more. You also earn interest on your checking account balance with this account. Chase has a new type of rewards checking account, known as the Chase Sapphire Checking, and a very juicy promotional offer.

      Learn more about Chase Sapphire Checking. You Invest by J.

      coupon for chase student checking account Coupon for chase student checking account
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      coupon for chase student checking account Coupon for chase student checking account
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      coupon for chase student checking account Coupon for chase student checking account

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