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You can also create schedules and set timers, which is great if, say, you want your slow cooker to start working on that pot roast a few hours before you get home from work. However, the Etekcity isn't perfect. While sitting idle, the real-time monitoring showed a power draw of volts and 2 watts, which doesn't seem right. And while the circular design is cute and seems like it would save space, the plug actually blocks the second socket on a wall panel if you put it in the top position.

Other plugs don't, making them more convenient. We loved the sleek, round design of the Gosund Mini smart plug. This is yet another smart plug that uses the Smart Life app, so setup was similar to many others on this list. However, it did score lower than others for taking longer to reconnect once it was removed from the wall and then plugged back in.

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There just isn't enough room, so you'd be better off getting one that's a bit more narrow if you need to use more than one at the same outlet or opt for a smart plug like the Currant, which has two outlets built in. And all of this comes at a very reasonable price. Installation was dead simple on our Android and iOS devices via the intuitive Kasa app, which holds your hand through the entire process.

During our long-term testing, the Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini never lost its connection to our WiFi network, and the handy remote control feature let us easily control the plug over a cellular connection when we were away from home. The only real downside to this plug is its lack of energy monitoring.

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The similarly priced iDevices Switch offers it, so if you need to know how much power connected devices are using, that plug would be a better choice. Its energy monitoring functionality, responsiveness, reliability, Alexa integration, and the well-designed app made it one of our favorites overall. Most notably, it will block the top socket if you plug it into the bottom one, and even when plugged into the top socket it might get in the way of larger plugs you try to cram below it.

Your typical two-pronger will probably fit fine but forget about trying to squeeze in a power brick alongside this thing. Amazon has its own smart plug that works exclusively with Alexa— in other words, it will not work with Google Assistant or any other smart ecosystem. We had a difficult time getting it going, even though it doesn't need a third-party app—Alexa just didn't recognize the plug the first time and we had to try again. Once it connected, though, it was flawless. It integrated painlessly with Alexa, had no problems connecting and disconnecting, and it was simple to control with both the Alexa app and via voice controls with an Echo Dot.

Aside from the initial setup issues, this smart plug worked great. Of course, those who don't use Alexa-enabled devices should look elsewhere.

Leviton has its own app, but when we downloaded it and tried to set this plug up, it was far more difficult than we expected. The initial setup didn't work at all, and instead of simply trying again, we had to factory reset the device. At that point, we accidentally exited out of the screen that had the factory reset directions. This meant we had to guess, as instructions couldn't be found anywhere—even online. Once we got it going, the problems didn't exactly end there. One issue was that our test lamp's plug didn't slide into the outlet easily, so we felt like we had to force it a bit.

Also, adding the plug to Google Home wasn't as straightforward as we would have liked. Alexa recognized and added it with ease, though. The iHome iSP8 is a seriously feature-packed smart plug.

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This plug works well. For one thing, the price is high. You can get an iDevices Switch for half the cost and enjoy all of the same features, plus a sexier design. You can purchase one separately. It's simple to set up, extremely responsive to commands from the Geeni app on iOS and Android, and has great WiFi range. Like those plugs, it integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, though it won't hook up with SmartThings or Nest, like some more advanced models.

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This plug has one unique feature: a pair of standard USB ports, so you can easily charge your mobile devices. Given the low cost, that's not necessarily a deal-breaker, but both the Eufy and Etekcity models manage it with a slightly lower price point.

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Geeni does offer a smart plug with energy monitoring—the Geeni Energi—but it costs almost twice as much. Imagine the same thing, but circular and without the two USB ports.

You've got the Geeni Spot. A little cheaper, same performance, more compact design, but still no energy monitoring. On paper, the Belkin Wemo Insight ought to be a strong contender for the best smart plug on the market. Not only does it offer power monitoring and a huge array of smart home integrations including Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, SmartThings, and IFTTT , but it has a sleek design and endorsements from respectable publications. Unfortunately, setup was a notable pain point on Android, and the Wemo app was a tedious chore to use—especially compared to the slickly designed apps from some rivals.

What’s taking so long to pick an M.T.A. leader?

Editor's Note: In May, security researchers identified a security flaw that could allow hackers to gain remote access to the WeMo smart plug. It's unclear what the ramifications are or if a patch is on the way, but when we reached out to Belkin for more information, they responded with the following statement released August We have been working together to address the exploit and plan to release firmware in the coming month. Unlike the bar-style smart plugs we tested, it blocks your second wall outlet if you position it incorrectly—make sure to plug it into the bottom socket to avoid a conflict.

It also has the lowest MSRP of all the plugs we tested.

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But on the downside, it has all of the same disadvantages as the Insight and fewer features. Ben is an experienced industry journalist who formerly served as Senior Editor of News and Features at Reviewed. He now contributes as a freelance writer and editor. Most recently hailing from the vast wilds of the American southwest, he is an avid photographer who is deeply disturbed by the lack of wide open landscapes in Boston.

Her work has also appeared at SheKnows, Thrillist, mom. We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. Hit enter to search. Parenting All Parenting. The Best Smart Plugs of Best Overall. Best Value.

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Credit: Reviewed. Currant WiFi Smart Outlet. Where to Buy Buy now at Amazon. Teckin SP20 Smart Plug. I went into the settings and set the DNS to Handshake, and it worked. I read just enough at handshake. In layman's terms, what are the implications of using that DNS? Does that make the VPN run less securely? Again, thanks for your info. Have been using PIA for years, was very happy.

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