Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon

Grade-L Fairy Summoning. Promise of Heart Event will start on Oct Heart Seeker Wings and Costume are waiting for you. New discounted packs in the market: Demon Costume Pack Permanent and others. All servers are currently full and the number of new adventurers is far beyond estimates.

We have decided to open new server for more enthusiastic adventurers to join the Dragon Nest M! Event 2. Event 3.

Cant use coupons.

Star Dragon Gacha event starts Diamond Roulette Event starts. Draw to earn more diamonds. Diamond Roulette Key is required for the first draw. The key is obtained from the recharge event. October Red Envelope Rain. Remember to be online on time! Double rewards for Daily Event: Dragon Expedition.

DN SEA Dark Avenger skill build & DPS before update world remaster

Special offer in the market: New Happy Mount Chest. Mount Essence S is used to exchange for Grade S mount in exciting event. Server Maintenance at , Sept. Please log out game in advance to avoid any loss. Maintenance Time: Sept.

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Please log out in advance to avoid any loss. After merged, login server and role will keep the same. UID will be reset. After merged, the role, squad, and guild of the same name will be renamed. Rename Ticket will be sent by mail. After merged, all ranking will be reset and ranked again.

Version History

After merged, the Guild Arena of this round will be reset and Guilds need to register again in next round. After merged, the occupied territory of Guild Territory will be cleared. Guilds are able to declare the territory of the same level as the one occupied before merged in next round. Tips: Depending on the actual maintenance progress, the server may be open ahead or behind of schedule.

Dear Adventurers. New Partner System. Partners will follow you and provide skills and attribute to the characters. Stage 3 of Ancient Ice Dragon Dungeon will be available.

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When opening Pandora, there is a chance to receive Deadly Venom. Colorful Dream will be not in the drop list anymore. Rainy Season Party event starts! New discounted packs in the market: Colorful Zoo Set and others. She studied in Berlin Academy, an elite school. She mastered how to build Mercenary. She knows she was 26th Clone made from jasmine, XD, in the mission of saving the world.

Then she made new model XD based on herself to express her own wishes. Collect from Faction Confrontation event. Shining Footprint Effect. Collect from Roulette event.

Faction Confrontation Event starts. Join in the event and obtain Shining Footprint Effect and other precious items. New exciting event and discounted packs in market.

Dark Wind Sword L

Please offline to avoid any loss. S Opening Notice S has open. Players are able to log in. If you got any problem in the game, please contact us. If you forget character name, please provide the name, UID and Server name in other servers. We will check for you asap. Reckless Umrak Remake. Slayer's Testing Ground. Increase in Light and Darkness Cube. Dungeon Points Store. Gold Goblin Coin and Enhancement Hammer. Addition in Returned Hero Reward. Machina Wedding Costume Returned. Crystal Point on Sale.

Premium Storage Coupon on Sale. Machina Awakening. In order to solve this problem, [Overcharge] skill has been changed to a skill with cooldown that deals damage on its own instead of inheriting damage of the preceding skill. Now an additional control allows you to choose to attack without advancing forward. This allows various combo plays that suits your skill proficiency and preferences.

To provide complete freedom in successive skills, increase in damage with [Gear Step] has been removed. Rock Fist Active : Slams the ground up to 4 times to create circular shockwaves nearby. Afterwards, Ruina pulls her fist from the ground and additionally attacks enemies with the shards that pop out of the ground. The more she slams the ground, the more shards to shoot.

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Can be used in the air. Beast Rush Active : Dashes forward and hits enemies with a powerful shoulder attack and when the attack hits enemies accurately, a rampant combination of Ruina's skills is used. Ruina is invulnerable during the rampant attack and the attack can be cancelled any time with [Duck].

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  • Cooldown is reduced even when the skill is cancelled after it hits targets so you can use this to relay successive skills and make use of the cooldown reduction. Overclock skill has been changed to a normal buff skill. Please refer to [Machina Awakening Balance Changes] for more details. Most importantly, a shield that absorbs damage equal to a proportion of party member's HP can be given to party members with [Awakened Passive] Overclock skill.

    For more details, please refer to [Machina Awakening Balance Changes]. Also, more skills can now be used in the air. Also, if there are [Marks] on enemies created by [Taunting Blow], they will explode too. Ruination Active : Descends rapidly from midair and hits the ground with a fist to lift the ground in front and create shockwaves that attack enemies.

    However, [Provoke] and [Mark] effects are not created when Taunting Blow is used in the air. Cerberus Beginner Nest. Accept specialization quest to read the new story. Level 95 Dungeons Abyss.

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    • Changes in Guild Contents. Changes in Dungeons. Changes in Daily Tasks. Changes in Icons. New Mount Sober Guardian Dragon.

      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon
      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon
      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon
      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon
      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon
      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon
      Dragon nest sea dark avenger coupon

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