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There are times when giving users options is a good thing, however in this case it was much more effective to convert consumers with the quickest path to redemption. As such, when users clicked through to the website, a simple landing page with a strong call to action prompting users to print out the coupon was large and clearly visible.

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Consumers could also search for the closest store to further ease the process. The Retail Brand was able to leverage Facebook to get qualified traffic to its website first by using the Unified Platform to experiment with a wider audience with specific interests and occupations while making sure that their products were front and center in all of their ads. Additionally, they used an easily accessible coupon to further entice and drive these qualified users into physical store locations. Marketers who want to use digital to strengthen performance of their other marketing channels can do so by leveraging social media data to identify and engage the most likely buyers, and then create a simple promotion to usher them down the purchase path.

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Case Studies. Overview For many industries, the digital revolution has outshined its more traditional counterparts in a big way—with retail being no exception. Approach The premise was a simple one: leverage a platform that could instantly identify users with certain interests online in real-time, and drive them into brick-and-mortar locations.

Results Most coupon clipping outfits acquire their inserts at no cost, and not always through legitimate means, she says. Woodard got her start in the couponing world working for a now-defunct coupon clipping service in The business relied on workers who volunteered at recycling centers pulling out coupon inserts from the waste stream.

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Workers like Woodard then handed them over to her employer. Unfortunately, that company shut down in when manufacturers began short-dating their coupons; instead of a day expiration, they went to and day expiration dates. Woodard quickly realized she could do a better job of connecting customers with coupons efficiently via the internet.

How to Become a Coupon Clipper

So in she hired a web designer to create a site where shoppers could pick and choose the coupons they wanted clipped. The business grew so fast that the overwhelmed Woodard once considered shutting it down.

But she recognized that a less cumbersome website was the answer and went looking for help to build an entirely new site for TCC. Today, TCC operates out of two locations: a 2,square-foot order fulfillment center, where coupons are clipped, sorted, and packed for shipping, and a 1,square-foot warehouse where coupons and records are stored.

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This is a typical day's shipment of coupons - hundreds of envelopes. But that peak was followed by a backlash. Manufacturers began to limit the number of coupons that could be presented at the cash register to two or four at a time, making it all but impossible for extreme couponers to order ahead boxes of macaroni and cheese or a pallet of hot dogs.

TCC had to adapt its operation to keep pace.

This change has made it easier for single moms and retirees to pick and choose only those coupons that maximize their savings.

Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers
Real coupon clippers

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