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Word Walls to the Rescue

So do you change your word wall every year? It will look similar, but what I am deciding is where to place it. I am sticking to my garden theme over all and definitely for my word wall, but I do plan to change things up in the room specifically to make both some organizational and functional changes for next year! I feel the same way. I slave over my word wall each year and then don't always feel that it has been as functional as I'd like.

Word Wall Centers For Any Word Wall!

This will definitely help! Thank you for always sharing your fabulous ideas! Bethany Ship Shape First Grade. Love it!!

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My kids cannot get enough of word wall activities. Ours is totally interactive and the kiddos use it constantly!! THIS is exactly what I need! I've been really struggling with my word wall station. I've so got this on my wishlist to get ready for next year. Thanks so so much!! Shibahn Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning. YAY for you!

February Word Walls + Freebie

YAY for me!! I am moving to 2nd grade this year and these ideas rock!! I am so excited about creating a word wall now. Where do you find the word wall words? Do I stick them up before school starts, or put them up as students learn them? I have never done one. Weite the word with your students and cut around it talking about tall letters short letters and hook letters so they star associating writing them below the line if hook letter to the top of the line if tall letters.

Then after cut have a student place on the word wall by focusing to first letter. Make the words removable so that they can interact with it by placi g them back on the wall or take to their table to write it. I make each word a Different color Construction paper. So that and, at, another, although do not look from afar. Or you can see the differences or you can tell them that is the blue word…etc and when you play which word am I thinking? You can say it has two tall letters or it has one hook letter it is a three letter word… Etc they get four clues and write in a white board to see if they guessed.

Or play which word is missing by taking one off. My son is crazy for all things sports! It is a perfect time to predict and write about their predicted winner. One of my favorite themes is everything dinosaurs.

Word Wall Centers For Any Word Wall! - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Check out tons of pin-worthy ideas on this All About Dinosaurs board on Pinterest. Here are some more fun dinosaur activities:. An easy way to start with thematic word walls is to make your own! While it is tempting to create the word wall by yourself, resist the urge!

A teacher-made word wall may be more aesthetically pleasing and much neater; however, students are more invested in charts that they helped to create. Encourage your students to brainstorm together. Have them access their own background knowledge on a concept or theme. This allows you to assess student understanding of the concept or theme, as well as, to plan out the thematic learning for the future.

If students are unable to identify any words, or have not picked out the specific words required, aid them in coming up with the desired words. To make the word wall most usable for your students, you may want to write the words. This will make all the letters legible and large. Kids can then use the portable word wall book in the writing center, or it can travel around the classroom. Another option is to use ready-made portable word walls.

The large format in the February Edition is perfect to hang from a mini-anchor chart stand. This allows you to hang a large number of word wall charts on the stand. Students are able to flip through the charts to access the words that they need.


Students are then able to access the thematic words wherever they need them. Use small metal rings to create thematic word lists for your students. The rings make the word walls portable and accessible to all students. Hang the word rings in various places around the room, or put a small word ring set at student tables.

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Students love to use these portable word walls. Organization is so easy with the word lists on rings! Read more about how I set up my word rings here. Another option is laminating the thematic word walls, punching holes, and including in a 3 ring binder. Throw in some dividers and you have a thematic book of words.

Students will love using this reference binder to access all the previous word walls.

Making A Custom Word Wall

Short on space? No problem- Create your own portable word wall station! All you need is a tri-fold board like the board used in science fair projects , plastic hooks with adhesive backs, and word lists hung on metal rings. Head over to this blog post to get the nitty gritty details. You will love the portability of this word wall station AND that it can be folded up and placed out of sight when not in use.

Head over to my TPT store and grab them at a discount.

word wall freebies Word wall freebies
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